American Horror Story (Season 1)


The beginning of the American Horror Story series. And probably one of the best seasons of the show. Maybe that’s because it is the original starting point for this “messed up show”. Personally, this started my addiction to this show. From the pilot episode till the final episode of this season, I was hooked. I binged this is almost 1 day (reality it was 2 days). Continue reading

American Horror Story – FX

Who said that October was just going to be Horror films? In addition to all those, I will also review the highly-acclaimed American Horror Story. Let’s begin…actually let me explain the situation with this.


American Horror Story…alrighty who got me addicted to this show. This is kinda difficult to review considering it has 4, now 5 seasons to it, and I’m going to review 4 seasons and a pilot review of season 5. I guess this is going to be a 5 paragraph review – hopefully a short 5 paragraphs. Or you know just 5 different blog posts. Just work with me.  But I’ll try and get through them all this weekend.