Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series (2001-2002)

Basic Summary – A young girl’s imagination helps her to understand the world around her.

For the animated series, I combined both discussions about the episodes together into a singular discussion because their format is relatively the same. I only chose 2 episodes to focus the main point of this review. The animated series divides of lessons Anne learns during her childhood while at Green Gables. The storyline is made for children to keep up with and are very colorful. Each episodes has something unusual or whimsical about them.

In “One True Friend”, there is a witch – different from the man that gives Anne the hair dye in the book – that gives Anne and Diana a shampoo to cure Diana’s head lice situation. Although Marilla isn’t an important character in the production, it focuses on the importance of friendship when one is in excluded from the group. As Anne is invited to be a part of the cool children’s group, she must decide between them and Diana, who isn’t allowed to join because of the head lice. Anne joins them and for a time being loose Diana’s friendship as a result of it. The episode ends with Anne understand her wrong choice and her and Diana becoming friends again after a lot of work into proving what a true friend is – in addition knowing that Josie was the one spreading the head lice around without telling anyone.

df9933f9d4e35ace142ce2a41f72cfebIn “Taffy!”, Anne makes Taffy, however, there is a mishap with the final product where the sugar was replaced with salt. Anne refuses to take the blame and believes someone else caused the incident. Through the episode, she tries to figure out what happened and eventually learns that she caused the mix-up by accident. The apologizes to those she accused of the incident and is forced to admit her mistakes.

The episodes from the animated series are meant to be structured in 30 minute segments for children to gain a lesson per episodes. They keep the spirit and imagination of Anne through the whimsical sections where trees talk or they are interacting with a “witch”. The addition characters are relatively not main factors in the story unless they are involved with it directly. Marilla and Matthew take the backseat in these episodes in particular, which is fine since it keeps the story where it is meant to be.



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