Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (1999 – Present) – NBC

Basic Summary – Detectives who are part of the NYPD’s Special Victims Unit investigate crimes against the vulnerable. While the focus of other shows in the “Law & Order” franchise is primarily on murder cases, the SVU detectives frequently deal with rape and assault, in which a survivor assists with the investigation. The series cast of veteran actors includes Mariska Hargitay and rapper Ice-T, and occasional crossover episodes feature detectives from other series including editions of the “Law & Order” franchise and as well as “Chicago PD,” another series from the mind of executive producer Dick Wolf.

Off the excitement of celebrating its 400th episode – very impressive if I may so – Law & Order: SVU has to be one of my favorite shows to binge-watch on Netflix or USA Network if it is on. Although I don’t keep up with current episodes, I personally love the old episodes as much as any new ones I may see. No matter how many times Law and Order is on – chances are that I haven’t seen what episode might be on.

The show’s premise is pretty simple: get a crime and do what it takes to find the bad guy and get them in jail. I do appreciate how at the end of some episodes, it makes you wonder if the outcome was the right one or if it ends the way it does. No story truly ends the way you expect it to – unless it is called for. Each story is different and unique – sometimes they might have themes that are related to current events, but most stories are original.

The cast is phenomenal – and though it has experienced changes in the squad, they always seem to click one way or another. After 400 episodes, you would hope that would be the case. I thoroughly hope this shows continues on for much longer, though I think without Mariska Hargitay and Ice-T, this show might struggle a bit. But all in all, I would watch it if you are able to handle tougher situations in the crime field.


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