Lovestruck: The Musical (2013) – ABC Family

Basic Summary – A choreographer (Jane Seymour) tries to stop her daughter’s (Sara Paxton) wedding after an elixir magically turns her into a young woman (Chelsea Kane).

The storyline in the musical is interesting. The daughter doesn’t want to be a dancer anymore and becomes engaged to a man. The mother doesn’t want her daughter to go through with that and tries to stop the wedding at almost Image result for lovestruck the musicalall costs. Though the magical element is weird at first, it can be looked past.  The cast can relatively sing which is good and it’s pretty much a well-known cast.

I believe this musical is pretty strong on song choices – some of these songs I’ve definitely heard before the musical and I think that is where it benefits. The acting choices were definitely strong. I believe the one point where it is weak is where it uses Drew Seeley.

Drew Seeley is an incredible talent. For those who might not recognize the name – Image result for drew seeley high school musicalhe was the singing voice of Troy Bolton in High School Musical (2006) – not the actor, settle down Zac Efron lovers – and was Troy Bolton on the High School Musical Tour.

He has impressive dance skills and a pretty good singing voice. He was only used for a little bit of the entire 2 hour musical – but in hindsight, that was probably for the best because it kept the focus where it needed to be. I think the advertising could have been done better, but since it was a new type of risk they needed to have a reason to get people to watch it.

The comedic moments when they happen are pretty solid. Not falling out of my seat funny, but I could get a chuckle. I think if you wanted to check this television musical out, it is worth it for the songs, but the storyline is alright too. It just depends on your interest level. Just watch this number and determine whether or not it is worth it. Don’t worry it doesn’t give any of the important plot points away (like I would spill those anyways).


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