Finding Dory (2016)

Basic Summary – Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) is a wide-eyed, blue tang fish who suffers from memory loss every 10 seconds or so. The one thing she can remember is that she somehow became separated from her parents as a child. With help from her friends Nemo and Marlin, Dory embarks on an epic adventure to find them. Her journey brings her to the Marine Life Institute, a conservatory that houses diverse ocean species. Dory now knows that her family reunion will only happen if she can save mom and dad from captivity.

I wanted to see a different film, but friends dragged me to watch the sequel to Finding Nemo. I didn’t want to see a kid’s film, but I was curious about it. I didn’t know that this would be one of my favorite films of the summer.

The film feels pretty rushed, however, there is a strong emotional feel. I will say it – IT RIPS YOUR HEART OUT. If you see it, you will know why. The characters, old and new, are beautifully brought to life.

I would probably see this film again – especially since most of the audience was about college-age. Kids would love it to, but make sure they watch the first film before this one or they might be a bit disconnected.


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