The Killing Joke – DC First R-Rated Batman Film

I won’t deny. I’m not surprised by this. For anyone who has seen/read the comic, this comes at really no surprise, but for those who have no idea what is going on here, I’ll break it down.


The Killing Joke is the backstory of The Joker within the Batman comic serious. It is regarded as one of the best graphic novels out there and it deserves no less. The Killing Joke has very disturbing scenes that I will not spoil, but it deals with torture and insanity very strongly. It is also controversial among fans around. It deserves the R-rating for sure and everyone with kids should really re-consider when your kids what to see this Batman-Joker film.

I’m glad they are making this and that it is going to be animated. Because no one should (nor do I think could) re-enact this comic. They are taking it page by page and doing what they can to keep it true to it’s original comic.

If you are interested on when it is coming out – you have to wait a bit. It’s world premiere is at San Diego ComicCon this year and will be released on Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital Release later this year (wouldn’t be surprise it is was around Halloween or something, but please by God not Christmas…)


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