Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island (1998)

Basic Summary – Scooby (Scott Innes) and the rest of the Mystery, Inc., crew encounter creepy characters at a haunted house on a Louisiana bayou.

Wow…I feel old. I remember getting this film on VHS and it was one of my favorite films at the time. Needless to say, VHS out of style and recently bought it on DVD because I was wondering if I still loved the film after all these years.

I appreciate this film a bit more, but for a reason that one of my friends pointed out for me. Scooby-Doo has a legacy of the bad guys being on costume and then usually is the de-masking of them and explanation of how the bad guy did it; however, apparently Daphine is tired of that and she wants something new for her show. The movie goes more towards the supernatural side of mysteries and it is a risky move because fans of the shows appreciated the guys in costume.

Apparently the gang is split up in the beginning of the film, which thankfully doesn’t last long, but it is still out of the blue and there really isn’t any explanation for it. They all have jobs and I still don’t know who left the gang first or what caused a split in the first place.

Now that I’m done saying the negatives of the film, what do I like about this?

Location. I’m sure if they chose anywhere else it would have been fine, but Louisiana has a reputation for mysterious legends and supernatural events. They take advantage of everything they can.

The characters. You can mess up the Mystery Gang that much and they don’t really. They give everyone a little romance, but not hardcore just underlying romance and it is kinda funny to understand that as an adult now. The villians are perfect – the Louisiana accent does bother me more now adays but I appreciate it as opposed to ignoring that portion of where they are.

The music. The soundtrack is beautiful. I don’t even need to say more.

I would say go check out this film if you can find it. It is worth watching for yourself. And still pretty hilarious and stands up against time. I don’t even know if Scooby-Doo can age.


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