Boy Meets World (1993-2000) – ABC

Basic Summary – With the help of true love Topanga, best friend Shawn and teacher Mr. Feeny, Cory Matthews juggles school, friends and romance. The series, a popular Friday night staple on ABC for seven seasons, began with Cory in the sixth grade and follows him and his entourage through their college years.

Sorry there isn’t a trailer for this show – but here is the intro for season 1 at least

Boy Meets World defined a generation of young adults and still continues to assist them with valuable knowledge of the world and how to handle it.

Although this show started a few years before I was even born, remember almost every little bit of the episodes. I still love to watch it to this day (I own the complete collection of it so yeah shows my dedication). The advice given to us in comedic fashion help keep us entertained and informed on how to handle situations.

The actors grew up with the show and I believe that is what makes the show more enjoyable. You want them to succeed and want to go along on the various adventures with them. You also want to cry with them if they fail or they need to let go. I have never cried so hard at the end of this show’s run.

If you haven’t seen this show yet, I recommend finding it somewhere. iTunes or in stores – sadly this one is not on Netflix (yet!!). Show it to your children or your friends and just have a marathon. Or you could show them the show’s sequel Girl Meets World. (I’ll get to that one probably in a day or two)


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