Not Cool (2014)

Basic Summary – In a small Pennsylvania town, a group of high school friends reunite during a Thanksgiving break from their college classes. Former prom king Scott (Shane Dawson) is dumped by his mentally ill girlfriend Heather (Jorie Kosel) and finds a new love interest in Tori (Cherami Leigh). Meanwhile, Scott’s younger sister Janie (Michelle Veintimilla) is approached by Joel (Drew Monson), who tries to woo her using the knowledge that he has gained from her social media posts.



Oh Shane Dawson, you never cease to amazing me. I’m glad he has made a name for himself in the film industry. But besides the point, as I mentioned this film is NOT RATED. But I can understand why especially with the trailer.

I found it an actually sweet and touching story. It has all the elements of a comedy with some elements of romance. He uses all his personas that fans love from his channel in the movie – sometimes they don’t really add anything and other times they are really just annoying. No offense – I like all his characters, but I think this would have been good to just leave them out.

All in all, I would say give this film a chance – it’s on Netflix and everywhere else on the poster. It is funny especially if you know his work. But if you’ve never seen his channel…maybe this isn’t the great way to see if you like his work. I’ll include a link to his channel below, but go check him out.


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