How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)

Basic Summary – Five years have passed since Hiccup and Toothless united the dragons and Vikings of Berk. Now, they spend their time charting the island’s unmapped territories. During one of their adventures, the pair discover a secret cave that houses hundreds of wild dragons — and a mysterious dragon rider who turns out to be Hiccup’s long-lost mother, Valka (Cate Blanchett). Hiccup and Toothless then find themselves at the center of a battle to protect Berk from a power-hungry warrior named Drago.

Okay here we are again. Film still not in my age range, but since I enjoyed the first one, the second one has to be amazing too right? OMG MY GOD ABSOLUTELY!!

I haven’t enjoyed a childhood movie like this in so long mostly because they can be so stupid sometimes, but thank god this is good. In this movie we definitely take some darker turns. And I mean DARK turns.

They take some serious risks here, and they get them right. All the character are back and some new ones too. And there is a villain this time which I like him. Like I wasn’t terrified of him, but more worried for the dragons. I felt all the characters emotions and was geniuely fearful for them.

I have no idea how Dreamworks does this films, but don’t stop. Go check it out. I know this one is on Netflix, but in case it isn’t anymore, it’s on iTunes for Rental or Purchase. PURCHASE THIS FILM IT IS AMAZING.


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