Dear John (2010)

Kinda forgot about this section of my reviews – probably because Nicholas Sparks’ films are not my most watched films, but I’ll try and finish this off . . . slowly

Basic Summary – When soldier John Tyree (Channing Tatum) meets an idealistic college student, Savannah Curtis (Amanda Seyfried), it’s the beginning of a strong romance. Over the next seven tumultuous years and separated by John’s increasingly dangerous deployment, the lovers stay in touch through their letters, meeting in person only rarely. However, their correspondence triggers consequences that neither could foresee.

Okay I remember this film from when I was in middle school – because I flat out walked out of the theaters with some of my friends because it was way too sappy. But I decided to give this film a second chance and finish it once and for all.

And it was still so sappy, but not as painful to sit through this time. The actors don’t look like they are completely comfortable in this film – it has a awkward vibe to it. Both our main leads are pretty amazing actors, but this film DEFINITELY does NOT demonstrate their talents. It demonstrates how hot they both are, but that is really it.

I would say if you are a fan of his work, I would probably check out his book on this one as opposed to the film. I mean if you just want to look at how hot they are then go ahead with this film.


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