Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

Basic Summary – Thirty years after the defeat of the Galactic Empire, the galaxy faces a new threat from the evil Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) and the First Order. When a defector named Finn crash-lands on a desert planet, he meets Rey (Daisy Ridley), a tough scavenger whose droid contains a top-secret map. Together, the young duo joins forces with Han Solo (Harrison Ford) to make sure the Resistance receives the intelligence concerning the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), the last of the Jedi Knights.

One of the most hyped up films of this past year. Yes I’m kinda late on review this film, but at least I’m getting to it now. This film was worth the wait to see – but did it do the series justice? Yes and No.

I’ll start with the positives. It has some interesting new characters. Let me start with – THE FIRST ORDER IS SCARY. Like thank you for making them actually intimidating. Finn, Rey, and Kylo Ren are great additions to the story that has already been beaten down (How about them Prequels…). In addition to bringing back some fan favorites – Princess Leia – now General Leia, Hans Solo, C-3PO, R2-D2, and Luke Skywalker.

They take what was working in the Original Trilogy (Star Wars Episode IV, V, VI) and expand it. Having a female lead also demonstrates a shift in the series because usually the women take the backseat in assisting the men or they literally are another subplot (Padme in Episode III – sorry I’m throwing the prequels under the bus right now).

Finally I like that there is a new idea that I try not to give away, but it is the way of Rey handles learning something about herself. Most people would be excited by learning it, but instead she runs from it and doesn’t want it. She has a clear set goal and she would rather stick to that one goal.

Okay now I’ll get to the negatives – please don’t hate me for these because they need to be addressed. No film is without its flaws. The film in itself is almost identical to Episode IV…like it is really similar and there is no excuse for that. It can also be considered plagiarism in my book. I understand that you don’t want to risk much since there is such a HUGE fan base around this series, but there still needs to be an original story somewhere.

Also there were a number of convenient plot threads like there should be a rule about that. Also nothing in this film really shocked me – like there were some stuff that I could call from the beginning. I think only one scene kinda shocked me, but I could feel something similar coming based off of where this story was coming from.

All in all, I did enjoy this film. I mean it is a great way to bring people back into the Star Wars Universe. I can’t wait to see what the future Star War films hold especially what Star Wars: Rogue One (2016) will do.


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