American Horror Story (Season 4) – FX


Season 4 . . . Let me start off by saying this – I HATE CLOWNS SOOOO MUCH. Every time the freakin clown appeared on screen, I literally hid under my covers in terror. I didn’t want to face or even look at that clown. I mean look at him, does that not freak you out just a bit??


But hey that is American Horror Story: Freak Show. I would say this season probably scared me the 2nd most so far (Asylum did a pretty good job of scarying me to the bones and still haven’t experienced Hotel yet). But sadly that only lasted for a bit because goodbye clown.

This season actually didn’t fit into an ideal AHS in a sense. It had a lot of stuff running on what could scare you, but none of it really lived up to it. I think that this is the lowest AHS i’ve seen in a while. But it doesn’t scare me off from the show though. I think the one thing that really brought me out of the Freak Show was probably the musical numbers. They were refreshing, but honestly, it’s not what I picture out of this season. The serial killer clown had more going for it, but they got rid of him to soon.

Where to find it – N-E-T-F-L-I-X


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