American Horror Story (Season 3) – FX


Season 3…eh I don’t know how I feel about this season. It didn’t scare me as much as I hope to be scared by it. It felt more like it was getting away from the horror aspect of the show and more on the characters themselves. Nothing wrong with that – other than the show’s title literally tells me that I should be terrified of the show.

It has this kind off sisterhood gone wrong aspect of it. I mean it was an entertaining season – had a romance and conflicts – but halfway, it appeared to be struggling on keeping the audience’s attention. It lost mine somewhere in the midst of the season. I still finished it because I still appreciated the show. That’s probably the only problem I had with the show.

The actors are all still believable – I mean at this point they basically know what to play and how to play them. How many weeks did they prepare for these roles because it most definitely shows at this point. I’m just impressed at this point. And I know Freak Show is going to get high marks from me about the characters and actors.

Where to find it – I mean if you haven’t caught on by now – Netflix, iTunes, and Hulu most likely


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