American Horror Story (Season 2) – FX


Alrighty. Season 2, lets go. I honestly didn’t think the second season was going to impress me after the amazing first season, but I was wrong. Man I was HORRIBLY wrong. First note – ADAM LEVINE IS IN THIS SEASON. I didn’t think that this show could get creepier and scarier, but man through an insane asylum and some crazy patients and there you go. I think this is the season that could be debated on whether this was the best season of American Horror Story.

Same comments about the actors from previously – all believable and such. The villain in this show, didn’t see it coming. Not to give much away, but it has been rated as probably the scariest villain of the show so far (not including season 5 because haven’t gotten enough yet to make judgment).

Where to find it – same as before – Netflix, iTunes, Hulu – idk go look around


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