The Shining (1980) – 5 stars out of 5

Basic Summary – Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) becomes winter caretaker at the isolated Overlook Hotel in Colorado, hoping to cure his writer’s block. He settles in along with his wife, Wendy (Shelley Duvall), and his son, Danny (Danny Lloyd), who is plagued by psychic premonitions. As Jack’s writing goes nowhere and Danny’s visions become more disturbing, Jack discovers the hotel’s dark secrets and begins to unravel into a homicidal maniac hell-bent on terrorizing his family.

This film was so long to sit through…and extremely slow, but yet I appreciate that. This film toping in at over 2 1/2 hours had a simple yet crazy storyline. Each actor has memorable performances and has gone to do much afterwards – I think. The setting of the film also helps it’s creepy factor. It is a huge hotel – like there should not just be one family and a groundskeeper. There should be more people there or something – this had a creepy factor from the start. I don’t remember how much it explained the reasoning for why they are at a hotel, but I assume it has something to do with the guy’s job.

Is it worth the time – Yes. It is a slow film to get into, but once you get into the film, it is worth it.

Where to find it – It used to be on Netflix, but good luck finding it. iTunes, I believe might have it. Don’t quote me on that though.


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