American Horror Story (Season 1)


The beginning of the American Horror Story series. And probably one of the best seasons of the show. Maybe that’s because it is the original starting point for this “messed up show”. Personally, this started my addiction to this show. From the pilot episode till the final episode of this season, I was hooked. I binged this is almost 1 day (reality it was 2 days).

The actors in this show – I believe them and their characters’ stories. The fall right into these characters without any problems. The romances and complications are very believable. I was rooting for couples like there is no tomorrow (Violet and Tate), but yeah we can get into a shipping war later. I’m also proud that most of these actors and actresses come back for the following seasons. And have careers because of this show as well.

Okay I think this is enough for this season because I don’t really have much to say about this season because it was overall a pretty intense and impressive season to start this show. If you haven’t watched this show yet – GO AND START IT (only if you can handle the horror aspect of it. This is still October…horror movies and shows still happen)

Where to find it – Netflix, iTunes, probably Hulu…it is everywhere.


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