Let Me In (2010) – 1 star out of 5

Basic Summary – Bullied at school, neglected at home and incredibly lonely, 12-year-old Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee) spends his days plotting revenge on his tormentors and spends his nights spying on other residents of the apartment complex. His sole friend is Abby (Chloë Grace Moretz), a strange girl who comes out only at nighttime. Both outcasts, the two form a strong bond. When Abby’s caretaker disappears amid a series of gruesome murders, Owen begins to suspect that she is hiding a terrible secret.

I think this is the lowest rating for a film I’ve had on this blog so far. Don’t quote me on that, but yeah. It only gets a star because of the actors. Not sorry there.

I never thought I would tear up at a horror film but this one did it. Not because it was scary, but it was just children falling in love with one another. Alright this film didn’t really do much for me. Not that many jump scares – don’t really fall for those anyways- nothing really to keep me on my toes. This film took me a total of 2 days to finish. Not because it was a long film,no. This film was extremely slow…by all accounts. The storyline didn’t have much going to it. 

The actors aren’t that bad, it is just the storyline that it has makes it painfully slow. Also it has too much of a romance feeling to it – something similar to Romeo and Juliet.

So all that being said is it worth the watch – eh you can definitely skip this film

If you still want to watch it – good luck finding it. 


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