The Fluffy Movie – 5 stars out of 5

Basic Summary – Stand-up comic Gabriel Iglesias delights audiences during his sold-out “Unity Through Laughter” tour, which spans more than 400 cities in 23 countries. During his set, Iglesias — nicknamed “Fluffy” — pounces on topics like communicating with his teenage son, struggling with his weight, performing his concert tour across India, and handling the reappearance of his father after a 30-year absence.

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American Horror Story (Season 1)


The beginning of the American Horror Story series. And probably one of the best seasons of the show. Maybe that’s because it is the original starting point for this “messed up show”. Personally, this started my addiction to this show. From the pilot episode till the final episode of this season, I was hooked. I binged this is almost 1 day (reality it was 2 days). Continue reading