Premiere of The Grinder – “Pilot”

Basic Summary – The series follows a TV actor who returns to his hometown to work as a lawyer after his long-running television series, The Grinder (on which he played a lawyer), is suddenly canceled. Unfortunately, his family are actual lawyers who run an actual law firm, so having believed that his television experience would make him qualified to be a lawyer, he decides to join their firm despite having only played one on the small screen.

I wasn’t set on watching this show…but it was on before Scream Queens so yeah what did I think of this show. I find it pretty interesting to bring the television world of lawyers into the “real world”. I find this show unique in some sense – I don’t really know the cast all that well. But it would be nice to keep watching this show to see how it works out in the end. I don’t know how it is going to work out but I would give it a chance. And also half hour long episodes are the best.

How long would this show last – maybe for like a season, I don’t see it going past that limit.

Check The Grinder out on Tuesday Nights 8:30 on Fox


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