Premiere of Scream Queens – “Pilot” and “Hell Week” – Fox

Basic Summary – Exactly two decades after Wallace University was rocked by a mysterious death, another murder takes place — and all hell breaks loose. As the investigation progresses, casualties start to pile up and anyone could be the next victim — or the villain. This modern take on a classic whodunit, a blend of comedy, horror and mystery, features a killer cast, including horror-genre veteran Jamie Lee Curtis as Dean Cathy Munsch, who demands that sorority pledging must be open to all students, not just the wealthy and elite. Her decree does not go over well with Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts), who rules the most popular sorority, Kappa House.

Scream Queens, the show of the fall that is to impress, has hit some major hype during the summer. So did it meet up to the hype?


I love this show so far. The story is pretty well structure and complex enough to have many plot lines going at once. It keeps you guessing and has a pretty awesome (and all star) cast. I feel like everyone was fit to play their roles. I do hope it gets a second season.Emma Roberts does a pretty good job at terrifying me as Chapter President Chanel… and I feel like I can see myself in almost every girl. ALMOST is the key word. I love the security guard…

Problems with the show so far…ummm nothing yet that is a huge problem but then again this is only 2 episodes so far. I mean the dad is clingy…but it is his daughter’s first year in college and there is murder going on – he has valid reasons. But can everyone please stop hitting on him…it is disturbing at this point kinda.

Do I have a guess on who is the killer – not yet, I can guess one person, but they are good at making it complicated right now

Where can you watch it? – The first two episodes just aired. You can probably find them on Hulu or after tonight – probably iTunes as well.

Catch it every Tuesday on Fox 9pm/8c.


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