Code Lyoko – Cartoon Network

Another show from my childhood that I most definitely wanted to live out. (Sorry there is no trailer, but enjoy the opening credits of Season 1)

Basic Summary – Jeremie Belpois, a gifted thirteen-year-old boy attending boarding school at the fictional Kadic Academy, one day discovers a quantum supercomputer in an abandoned factory near his school. Upon activating it, he discovers a virtual world called Lyoko with a young girl, Aelita, trapped inside it. Unusual events begin to occur at Kadic Academy. Jeremie learns of X.A.N.A., a rogue, malevolent artificial intelligence multi-agent system who also dwells within the supercomputer. X.A.N.A.’s goal is to conquer the real world and all human beings. Jeremie must materialize Aelita into the real world and stop X.A.N.A. Jeremie is aided by his three best friends and classmates Ulrich Stern, Odd Della Robbia, Yumi Ishiyama as they, along with Aelita, are virtualized into Lyoko in order to save both worlds from the sinister virtual entity. In the third season finale the group is joined by William Dunbar. Once virtualized in Lyoko, he is possessed by X.A.N.A.

Just need to clarify that Cartoon Network acquired this show from the French animation company Moonscape before I get any messages saying that this isn’t an American show.

I mean who wouldn’t want to be zapped into a virtual world that acted like a video game. These characters are well drawn out (visually and personality-wise). In addition the main story is also a nice long one that needs a good number of seasons to wrap up. The subplots each story are all relatable to whatever situation there may be. Also the theme song is catchy and beautiful…as in I want it on iTunes. Also if this was on iTunes, I would buy all the seasons…no regrets.

My only problem with the show is that they made a live-action spinoff.

I mean I like the idea, but come on you changed the animation of the virtual world (Lyoko). You had one job…just keep it the same and no one gets mad. But the live action stuff is fun, but I guess another wish would be if they gave me an English version of the live-action. I would appreciate that so much so then I can try to appreciate the show more. Yes I do understand French a bit, but I prefer all English.

Here is what I mean…(I guess this works as a trailer for the animated show as well…)

French Version

English Version

Which version is better the animated one or the live-action? I like the animated one more because I grew up with it, but I could get into the live-action show since I understand some of it.

So where can you find it (animated and live-action) – Youtube….youtube is your best friend. That or look around for it, I’m sure it is on some website (not Netflix sadly)


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