Disney Live-Action Films – Is there a limit?

I just saw this trailer and just needed to make a discussion topic about it because this seems to be becoming a trend…

I post this just as The Jungle Book trailer drops today mostly because I think it is time that this issue gets discussed. Plus can we just point out how HUGE this animals are…like jeez calm down there. (I’ll discuss that later in a different article) Watch the trailer below to get a sense of where this argument might be going (There is at least going to be one more video to check out later)

Disney is a role with live-action remakes of some of its classics with Maleficent leading the way and the last one released Cinderella. With these in mind, is there potentially a limit with what live-action remakes can be done?

I’m not trashing The Jungle Book, but honestly it is a majority animal influence film with only one human character which means a lot of Computer Generated Images are being used here. Honestly, the limit here should be set that if it is a majority animal character film, then it should have a live-action remake because it takes away from the original magic of the classic and potentially gives it a bad name. Also they take out songs sometimes – Cinderella, as an example – to change the story or to give it new light.

Taking out the songs allows the audience to focus in on the little detail and forget that this is supposed to be for kids. Also live-action gives it the opportunity to be a “darker” story – which doesn’t always work because not many children love dark stories. I guess this is Disney attempt to try and reach out to the whole audience now instead of the kids. Personally, I would not like many more live-action films of classic films. I think Disney is better at telling a new story then trying to revamp one they already have.

Anyways, what do you guys think? Should Disney have a limit on what live-action films should be done? Are you going to see The Jungle Book? Do you want me to go and review it (I most likely will) ?


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