The Notebook

Okay this film got me to cry a bit…NEVER AGAIN WILL THAT HAPPEN (Hopefully).

Basic Summary – In 1940s South Carolina, mill worker Noah Calhoun (Ryan Gosling) and rich girl Allie (Rachel McAdams) are desperately in love. But her parents don’t approve. When Noah goes off to serve in World War II, it seems to mark the end of their love affair. In the interim, Allie becomes involved with another man (James Marsden). But when Noah returns to their small town years later, on the cusp of Allie’s marriage, it soon becomes clear that their romance is anything but over.

Dementia sucks people…just remember that if you don’t remember anything else in this film. Boy does this sickness help in make you feel emotional watching it. Same romance stuff as all the other Nicholas Sparks films except this one involves rich city girl and poor country boy. Yeah let the summer romance and challenges start.

Okay I can’t handle describing this story, what don’t I like

  • Cheesy romance….
  • Ryan Gosling is just a beautiful human being in this film and I’m not with him…
  • James Marsden still doesn’t get the girl (It’s a running gag in all films he is in you’ll get used to it)

What do I like . . .

  • Ryan Gosling
  • James Marsden
  • The whole kiss scene in the rain…you’ll get to it in the film, but it is pretty well known

Where to find it – it used to be on Netflix, but most definitely iTunes

(Side Note: This video really depicts all the flaws with this film. Go check it out plus all there other videos, they are really fun)


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