The DUFF (4.5 out of 5 Stars) – GIRL’S NIGHT IN

Side Note – Watching this film with a bunch of friends was totally worth it to get this review and various viewpoints.

Basic Summary – Frumpy high-school senior Bianca (Mae Whitman) has a rude awakening when she learns that her classmates secretly know her as the DUFF — designated ugly fat friend — to her prettier and more popular pals. Desperate to reinvent herself, Bianca enlists the aid of Wesley (Robbie Amell), a charming jock. In order to save her senior year from becoming a complete disaster, Bianca must find the confidence to overthrow a judgmental student (Bella Thorne) and revolutionize the school’s social order.

Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Yeah this movie shows the problem with that saying – words do hurt, especially with technology having a part now. 

This film is an amazing work of art. Based off a book, it apparently is way better than the book itself. It is a rom-com I want to say – but not that romantic in a sense. Yes there is a connection. Would I call it romance – eh…it works in the end, but I could have gone without it as well (I think? I’m still working on that). But MAN was this hilarious. I don’t remember the last time a film actually made me laugh and keep me laughing throughout the entire work of it (maybe Pitch Perfect but yeah). Even the people I was with laughed perhaps at different scenes, but still there was laughter.

It is relatable not just for high schoolers – even though none of the actors in this film look like they are in high school – but for college students as well. I don’t think I have any problems with this film except for the “high school” look of the actors – yeah not fooling me. 

Should you check out the book – yeah go ahead, but make sure to watch the movie afterwards

Would I say watch it – it is more for the girls, but anyone can find a kick out of this.

Where to find it – iTunes…that is the only place I can think of other than buying the DVD


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