Samurai Girl – ABC Family

Basic Summary – After a sheltered upbringing as the adopted daughter of one of Japan’s most powerful clans, 19-year-old Heaven Kogo embarks on a dangerous journey to learn the truth about her family and her own destiny in this adaptation of a series of popular young-adult novels. After her brother is killed during an attack at her wedding — but not before warning her that the Yakuza has infiltrated the family — Heaven breaks free from her family and and begins training to be a samurai, hoping to fight back against the Yakuza.

I think this is the first show that I actually don’t recommend people to sit through and watch. Read the books. I give you Samurai Girl by ABC Family. The Art of Samurais and the fate of the world in the hands of a 20-something woman. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen this show, but going back to it – yeah don’t really like this. It is basically a mini series that was meant to have a full season I think, but yeah they just left it as is. 3 nights to go through the entire story – yep it was horribly rushed.

They have an alright cast, but they get annoying after a point like make them more than one dimensional please. The settings are alright – nothing beautiful or memorable about them (San Francisco, but not “San Francisco” and Japan – beautiful country but not portrayed amazingly well setting wise.)

The story is alright but not memorable. I think the only thing I like is the fight scenes which they have every episode, probably the only thing keeping it on the air for as long as it did.

Should one check it out – eh . . . I say you can skip it, but it wouldn’t hurt to see it if you feel like it. But read the books if you are going to watch this so then you can see the problems.

Where to find it – I actually don’t know where to find it anymore – I know iTunes has it for sure though (but it isn’t worth paying for it)


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