Eye Candy – MTV

Basic Summary – Lindy is a 21-year-old hacker with a gift for seeing clues and connections in the digital world that others can’t. Persuaded by her roommate to try online dating, Lindy begins to suspect that one of her suitors is a deadly cyber stalker. When the local cyber-crimes unit uncovers a potential serial killer in Manhattan, all signs point to this mysterious stalker. Teaming up with the cyber unit and some hacker friends, Lindy leads the charge to solve these murders while unleashing her own style of “justice” on the streets of New York City.

I’m a fan of thrillers and such and this one is . . . alright. Not amazing though. I don’t really know if I loved this show or just was hoping to get an answer to all the situations thrown out in this story. But looking back on it, I don’t really know what kept me watching this? Perhaps it was the lack of shows I was into or the fact that Red Band Society got cancelled and I needed something to watch (Look below if you want to see that review). Am I sad that MTV cancelled this show after one season…eh, I kinda saw it coming. I mean the fan base to this show for the amount of people who saw this show is actually pretty strong. But views matter in this case. Moving on.

What do I not like about this show . . .

  • Why are all the guys in this show attractive – like no joke and why is everyone in this show freakin’ hot??? For once this actually bothers me…even for a show I’m actually not okay with this. I mean look at them…DAMN
  • If this was created by one of the bigger network company and not MTV this might have had a longer life on television – also MTV…

What I like about it . . .

  • Great story – but since it is based off a book I’m not surprised either
  • The fact that they use modern technology to help this story – knockoff tinder

Should you check it out – It is something interesting and pretty cool but just keep in mind that it can get kinda bloody at times so yeah. Plus it has some pretty good “Eye Candy”

Where to find it – Maybe MTV has it on their website if not iTunes. Plus you can get a recap of every episode individually if you buy the season pack. 


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