What If? (3.5 out of 5 Stars)

Basic Summary – WHAT IF is the story of medical school dropout Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe), who’s been repeatedly burned by bad relationships. So while everyone around him, including his roommate Allan (Adam Driver) seems to be finding the perfect partner (Mackenzie Davis), Wallace decides to put his love life on hold. It is then that he meets Chantry (Zoe Kazan) an animator who lives with her longtime boyfriend Ben (Rafe Spall). Wallace and Chantry form an instant connection, striking up a close friendship. Still, there is no denying the chemistry between them, leading the pair to wonder, what if the love of your life is actually your best friend?

OMG it’s Harry Potter in a non-Wizarding World!!! Moving on, this rom-com is pretty adorable. It isn’t anything special, but it is a nice change from Nicholas Sparks films (I’ll get those eventually). It deals with one of the bigger problems of life – What if the love of your life is your best friend? Valid situation right there. Very relatable film. That’s not the only problem, but also the problem of the girl your liking has a boyfriend already. I find this film very relatable and funny. Is it completely realistic – kinda. 

Does it have problems – kinda.

  • I mean this boyfriend of hers is completely oblivious to the situation happening between her and her best friend.
  • Without giving too much away there is a fight that completely doesn’t make total sense near the climax of the film. If you watch the film, you’ll see which one (it is at the diner)
  • Also I get she is a animator, but the cartoon drawings seem to come out of nowhere…I think they are cool, but not adding anything to the story.

Things I do like about this film . . .

  • They use the Princess Bride in this film!!!!!
  • They don’t have Daniel Radcliffe fake an accent – THANK YOU
  • It is funny but not too funny
  • They have pretty interesting chemistry.

Would I recommend it? – Yeah if you want a film that is funny and isn’t forcing romance down your throat then I say check this out.

Where can you find it – Sorry folks, got to fork up some money for this on iTunes but it worth the Rental and then if you like it then you can buy it.


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