Red Band Society – Fox

Basic Summary – A group of teenagers live together as patients at a hospitals pediatric ward and learn how to deal with their illnesses, the experiences that they have, and the people that they meet.

A show set in a hospital – haven’t seen that before she said sarcastically. But surprisingly, not about just the doctors drama but actually mostly the kids/teens troubles of various diseases in addition to just the drama of growing up. Man, I’m still hurting that Fox cancelled this show…it was something new that really kept my attention and felt genuine. 

But moving on what do I not like about this show . . .

  • Mostly like I felt I was going in circles with this show like someone would recover from there illness and then next you know they relapse and it practically happened with every character so yeah not saying anything bad about that it is just there is a point that the story gets tired of it . . . (maybe this is why it got cancelled?)

What do I like . . .

  • The actors – Man they got some decently good teen actors for this show and that is saying something in Hollywood (The Last Airbender anyone remember that?)
  • The Story – Yeah I just bashed it, but then again the storyline isn’t that bad, I do like the drama and comedy aspect of it, but when it get repetitive and nothing new is brought up then I start to bash it
  • The Meanings – They put some very deep quotes in there and talk about some tough stuff…I miss this I mean look at this and tell me this isn’t touching (yeah I know that last one is from Shakespeare, but still roll with me here)

Should you watch it – Yes since it only has one season it is a quick watch – you could binge watch if you are feeling it

Where to find it – Fox’s website? or iTunes if you want to pay for it


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