The 100 – The CW Network

Most of my friends have been recommending me to watch this show and honestly I didn’t really want to. But when I did, needless to say I binge-watched it until I finished both seasons. 

Summary: When nuclear Armageddon destroys civilization on Earth, the only survivors are those on the 12 international space stations in orbit at the time. Three generations later, the 4,000 survivors living on a space ark of linked stations see their resources dwindle and face draconian measures established to ensure humanity’s future. Desperately looking for a solution, the ark’s leaders send 100 juvenile prisoners back to the planet to test its habitability. Having always lived in space, the exiles find the planet fascination and terrifying, but with the fate of the human race in their hands, they must forge a path into the unknown.

But if that information above doesn’t make you at least want to sneak a peek at the show then I don’t know what could. The show has a variety storylines going on at once, so if you aren’t interested in following one of them, then there is always another one you can perhaps get caught up in. 

The one flaw with this kind of storyline is that you have to had started watching from the very first episode to understand the majority of the story and why they are doing some things. Which can be an annoyance if you just start watching it randomly on television. The cast of this show is pretty enjoyable to watch. You can see that over the time of the show they really grow into their characters and you really connect to them whenever they are on screen. They address issues that would come about with a “nuclear armageddon” and future technology since it is set almost 100 years into the future like radioactive planets, mutations, and A.I. technology (I jumped up and down for that). 

Would I say you guys should watch it – I say at least watch at least 15 mins into the show and then decide from there.

If you are interested in watching this show, season 1 is on Netflix still or if you are in Canada, they have both seasons for you to enjoy. But I say start this show soon if you are even thinking about it because season 3 is starting in 2016.


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