Shows that should return to Television (Nickelodeon Edition)

These shows either got too little screen life or were cut off too soon due to various reasons. Either way they should come back to television to either continue to wrap up some serious plot points or just by popular demand.

Zoey 101 (January 2005 – May 2008)
This show was basically most 90s children elementary school years. Basic concept for this show following at first is girls who are trying to infiltrate a formerly all-boys school and then after a season of that the highs and lows of boarding school life. It gave us basically unrealistic expectation of middle/high school (don’t deny it, you wanted to go to Pacific Coast Academy). Watching it now brings back some serious nostalgia.

Drake & Josh (January 2004 – September 2007)
So many lines and characters that are memorable from this show. Story starts a recently combined family and follows the two brothers trying to navigate being in a family together along with high school and avoiding their younger sisters traps and schemes. These actors are amazing that even one of them got their own show afterwards . . .

iCarly (September 2007 – November 2012)
You see what I mean. Story follows 3 teenagers who start a website and their struggles with high school and sudden internet popularity. This really was the spark of the late 90s era (plus YouTube was just gaining more popularity at this time)

Victorious (March 2010 – February 2013)
Life at a performing art high school. Sometimes I wonder if this was made to help with school art programs across the country. But with show ending on the weirdest note (not even a cliffhanger), this needs some type of closure for it.

Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide (September 2004 – June 2007)
The Guide to getting through middle school – we all probably tried using these tips at least once during middle school, if not all of them. I just want at least a high school edition or a college edition – it can be a completely new cast. I don’t really care. I just need tips on how to survive college. There is a parody of it for college tips, but it hasn’t been updated in a LONG time. 

WARNING – Profanity within video and College-Like situations

What shows do you think Nickelodeon should revive? Leave a comment below on what you think.


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