Fantastic Four – Why can’t it hit the right notes?

So the new Fantastic Four movie came out this past week with lots of talks about whether or not Fox finally did this film justice? And boy, it still didn’t. Here’s a trailer if you want to see what I mean.

 This is not a review for this film, but more an explanation for why this franchise just can’t seem to get off to a good start in the superhero world. So let’s check it out, why can’t Fox bring justice to the Fantastic Four franchise?

  1. Just don’t know how to approach it – Fox has had the rights to this film for who knows how long and every time they try to bring it back, they try doing a new spin on it. They just need to stay in one realm and work with it. Either make it dark, but entertaining or comical and action pack.
  2. This is the first superhero team created by Marvel Comics – just remember that, so yes. It is going to be choppy – but that doesn’t give any excuse. Created in 1960s doesn’t give you any excuse for how the script comes out.
  3. Four live-action films…with one not even being released – THIS should have been a sign that you probably aren’t doing something right here.
  4. When the first reviews came in for Fantastic Four (2005) they were alright, but when you made a sequel that made less than the original run – probably should have stopped there. Fox is just milking away a potentially great title that could have great power in the superhero universe as the title that started it all.
  5. It is dealing with the same problems as Spiderman (And I mean all the Spidermans including the Amazing Spiderman) – “Just keep making movies to make money – audiences hated our last one, reboot it, get another group of popular actors, and try again”
  6. Audiences don’t want another Fantastic Four film – they rather the rights be handed over to Marvel and frankly I agree. It is Marvel’s comic, plus I think they could handle it WAY better.

And to all those who thought I was going to bring up race into this conversation, my only answer to that is Jessica Alba…IT DOESN’T MATTER.

Fox. You’re done with the Fantastic Four – time to give it up like you did with Chris Evans. And look at what he has become . . . 

Thank you Fox for giving us Captain America. Now give Marvel back the Fantastic Four, please.


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