Disney Descendants – Disney Channel

Basic Summary from Disney: A present-day idyllic kingdom where the benevolent teenage son of King Adam and Queen Belle offers a chance of redemption for the trouble making offspring of Disney’s classic villains: Cruella De Vil (Carlos), Maleficent (Mal), the Evil Queen (Evie) and Jafar (Jay) 

Coming into this film I just want to point out that I, personally, did not have high hopes for this film. I’m sorry but Disney’s track record with original films hasn’t really hit the mark like the High School Musical Trilogy did, but that being said I actually liked this film. LIKE NOT LOVE. I am aware it is for kids, tweens, and younger teens, but all in all it wasn’t that bad. The acting is alright, the story is alright, the songs are alright, and the message of the film is alright. 

And that is the one main problem I have with this film, it is just ALRIGHT. There isn’t much I remember from this film. Heck I barely remember anyone’s name. I just know them by their parents and that’s a problem considering that they aren’t trying to be their parents. Nothing leaves an impact in this film sadly. Basic summary of opinion. . .

  • It is a great concept – Disney Villains and Heroes, but with children – and thankfully they don’t try and spend time on explaining the parents’ story.
  • It being Disney – it is going to be cheesy, there is going to be a love interest, and (SPOILER ALERT) villains never win.
  • Knowing that Kenny Ortega was the director, automatically made it a musical, which for this film, I didn’t actually picture it being one. That being said, I only remember the first song because it is a tune that can get stuck in your head. And the second to last song, being an ode to “Be Our Guest”.
  • Good actors – not memorable characters
  • Villians are cheesy beyond my belief (isn’t Maleficent supposed to be scary?)

Do I think it is a good film? Yeah it’s fine. Would I watch it again? If it was on, it isn’t something I would go searching for. Do I recommend it? I mean it isn’t bad. I say check it out at least once. 

As a little treat I’m going to include the thoughts I had while watching the film . . .

  • Based on a book – Not many high hopes with this film because didn’t picture it being a musical
  • First song (Rotten to the Core) is catchy (released early) not great but gets stuck in your head with enough listens – dubstep… Ummm??
  • Jay (Jafars son) and Jafar feels more like aladdin and what his son would have been – maybe it is the stealing aspect?
  • Wastes no time in setting the scene
  • Second song (Evil Like Me) reminds me of something from tangled…and is just kinda weird – great cgi Disney
  • Cheating do teachers even know what cheating is??
  • Dopey’s son’s is adorable!!!
  • Third song (Did I Mention) – no…this is worse than I imagine this song is the idea I had when I heard of this film
  • 4th song (If Only) – pitchy, weird setting, forced in a sense – what was Ben doing?
  • Villains are way too stupidly funny
  • 5th song (If Only – Reprise) – sweet and meaningful now
  • Crown too big for you there prince Ben?
  • Cheesy Disney meaning “listening to your heart – just because evil runs in your blood doesn’t mean you are evil”
  • Really this cgi dragon looks more fake than most other films – Eragon had a better dragon… 
  • Final song (Set it Off) – not really feeling it
  • No kiss scene to wrap it up…confused but okay with it? Kinda like high school musical
  • Going to get a sequel – well they are making a spinoff show that is cgi-animated with the original cast so yes?

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